Wellness – Exercise


Maintaining a regular exercise schedule has multiple benefits for you overall health and well being. These include weight management, brain health, minimizing the risk of disease, improved immunity, strengthening bone/muscles & improved mental health.

Studies has shown that there is improved cognition, improved learning and judgement following exercise. There is also a decrease in anxiety and depression associated with regular exercise. Sleep hygiene is also improved with exercise.

Exercise along with a healthy diet also helps to keep an ideal body weight. Maintaining a Body Mass Index (BMI) near 25 is important as Increase body mass index (BMI) as been associated with multiple disease processes including Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and Stroke), Cancers and others.

Exercise promotes faster healing and faster return time to activity, but any activity or exercise has the potential of causing injury and pain. We have treatment options to heal your injuries and keeping your pain controlled if this is the case.