Advanced Pain Management & Rehab prides itself on individualized treatment and access to the most advanced treatment options to provide effective pain relief and improve your overall function and quality of life. We strive to provide a high quality experience to each and every patient that visits our offices and we welcome patient feedback.

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Some recent feedback from our patients:

Dr Stephen Dinger, PA Laura Beth, and the entire staff at APM have helped me throughout the years manage my chronic back syndrome to live a normal day to day life. They take of me and have always been in my corner. Thank you so much. #TeamDrDinger

Karim S.

I always enjoy talking with Laura and your staff. They have always been courteous and attentive to my needs. I just recommended you to a friend yesterday.

Janice M.

Dr. Dinger is always great and listens to your issue and works to help with your pain.

Timothy R.

Dr. Dinger and his staff are always there to help.

Robert E.

Staff very friendly.

Steven G.

Great service and focus on my well-being.

James E.

The Zoom Conference was great. Recommend for future appointments.

Lionel D.

The staff was very friendly and Desiree was very helpful.

Shirley M.

Dr. Dinger and PA Laura provide excellent medical service. The procedures and medication they offer give me a wonderful pain free quality of life.

Robert P.