Advanced Pain Management & Rehab is now offering Telemedicine options to our patients, including new patients. Our physicians will be providing services via video and telephone conferences. Please contact the office for more info.

Message from Dr. Dinger on COVID-19

We have endured some unprecedented times over the past several months as a community and practice.  On behalf of everyone at Advanced Pain Management & Rehab, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19.  As we change our focus to getting back to some normalcy and assisting our patients to receiving the care that they require, we have started to transition from Telemedicine to in-person visits.  Please rest assured that we are taking all the appropriate steps recommended to ensure that the health and safety of our patients, employees and communities comes first. We want to take care of all your appointments and procedures as best we can. Our physicians are still providing face-to-face video conferences and telephone conferences if needed along with in-person face-to-face visits in the office. We are limiting the number of individuals in the clinic at one time and every person in the clinic will have temperatures monitored and screening assessments. We appreciate everybody’s support, patience and assistance in implementing these steps.
Thank you for your loyalty,
Dr. Stephen Dinger

About Us

Advanced Pain Management & Rehab provides their patients with the latest comprehensive pain management treatments available. Our Certified Physicians are up to date with the most recent treatment modalities, helping to develop an individualized treatment regiment shaped specifically to your needs. Make Your Appointment Today!!!

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Pain Management Physicians treat the entire spectrum of painful conditions. A multidisciplinary team approach has been proven to be effective in treating most chronic pain conditions. In collaboration with other physicians, surgeons, and non-physician’s, challenging pain condition cases can be successfully treated.

Available Treatments

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine techniques have been used to treat multiple conditions that include: arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis as well as spine conditions, including annular tears and disc problems, herniated and bulging discs, and other degenerative conditions. Regenerative Medicine offers a natural healing option to avoid side effects of medications and risks of surgery.

Regenerative Medicine - PRP and Stem Cell Therapy




Primary: Migraines, Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches; Secondary: Headaches caused by head trauma, neck trauma, occipital neuralgia, crainial masses,and post dural punctures. More Info on Headaches.



Causes: Lifting, Falls, Bulging Disc, Arthritis, Facet Joint Disease, Sciatica, Sacroilac Joint Disease, Post Surgical.Symptoms: Complaints of Low Back, Hip or Buttocks. More Back Pain Symptoms & Causes



Symptoms Include: Gradual Onset of Pain and Stiffness, becoming more sever with movement of joints. Popping, Grinding or Clicking of Joints, and swelling/redness from inflammation may appear. More Info on Arthritis



Direct Injury, Trauma, Whiplash, Facet Joint, Disc Degeneration/Herniation, Arthritis. Symptoms: Dull, Sharp, Aching, Burning, Cramping, or Stabbing Pain. More Neck Pain Symptoms & Causes



We provide treatment to individuals who have experienced sports injuries, and require long or short term solutions to their pain management. Let us help you get back to playing the sport you love.



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