Bursa injections offer pain relief by delivering a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid into specific fluid filled bursa sacs adjacent to joints. Advanced Pain Management & Rehab offers Board Certified Pain Management Physicians who will guide you through your individualized treatment program. Our goal is to help you get your life back.

General Details
Bursa Injections are used to treat Bursitis. This procedure is used when a Bursa fluid filled sac is acting as a cushion between muscles, tendon’s and joints. Once a Bursa becomes inflamed and swollen, one might feel stiffness and pain, as well as experience swelling. Bursitis may be caused by the following:

  • Direct Injuries to muscles, tendon’s and joints.
  • Inflexible Muscles.
  • Impingement of a Tendon

Frequent area’s which Bursitis may develop are within your knees, hips, shoulder, and elbows. Activities from which involve running, throwing, or repetitive activities like swimming, may predispose individuals to Bursitis. Also, age plays an important role in development of Bursitis, as individuals become older, they tend to become less flexible. The most common symptom of Bursitis is pain within a specific region of the body. The pain occurs around the joint area, and becomes achy, swells, and the area becomes stiff.

  • Constant Pain around a specific joint in the body
  • Aching and swelling of a specific region on the body
  • Swelling of that specific spot on the body

Typical treatment of bursitis includes: relative rest, physical therapy, modalities, anti-inflammatory medications and Fluoroscopic or ultrasound guided injections. Prevention is very important to the treatment process of Bursitis. One should attempt to minimize overuse of repetitive activities, as well as perform stretching exercises to help to improve flexibility. If preventative measures do not work we may perform a Bursa Injection localized to the joints which you feel pain.

Bursa Injection: Targeted Bursa Injection may be needed to help facilitate the healing process and decrease the inflammation and pain. Ultrasound guidance is commonly used to help improve accuracy of Bursa Injections, as the needle will be more accurately localized, with direct guidance. The injection contains a solution consisting of Corticosteroid and Pain Medications. This helps provide pain relief and may reeduce inflammation, resulting in long-term pain relief.

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