March 5, 2018

APMR Launches 2018 Lecture Series Empowering Patients

Blog written by Jenna Natho of Savvy Media PR for Advanced Pain Management

Pain management can feel like a puzzle, and, relief is not one-size-fits all.  That’s why LauraBeth Garcia, Physician’s Assistant with Advanced Pain Management & Rehab, wants to spread the word about what options are available, so patients don’t spend countless hours looking for answers.  Advanced Pain Management and Rehab is offering that service through a free lecture series that’s open to the public.

“I have always wanted to do more for my patients. I really do believe a multimodal approach is the way to go. It can provide better results than just medication management,” said Garcia. “I want to break the stereotype that revolves around pain management. So many people think all we do is supply medications. We do so much more and want to teach and motivate current and future patients that there is hope in controlling their pain through different avenues.”

The March 8 lecture will focus on how nutrition contributes to how we feel and how we manage pain.  Ana Primera with Primera Wellness will help shed light on how food and pain work hand-in-hand.

“People with chronic pain might not know there are natural spices like ginger, turmeric and cinnamon that can decrease overall inflammation and on the other side people do not know that foods cause inflammation like nightshade foods, processed foods and others. Ana will even share recipes with those at the lecture,” Garcia said.

Garcia first started dreaming of a lecture series last October while attending the Texas Pain Society Conference. She was inspired by the multimodal approach that is incorporated at Brooke Army Medical Center’s functional rehabilitation program. Active and retired personnel of the military go through an intense program of physical therapy, yoga, aquatic therapy, meditation, nutrition and other methods to help control pain without medications and interventional procedures. Garcia wanted to offer those choices to civilians in hopes they would incorporate this along with interventional pain management.

Dr. Stephen Dinger, D.O., and Founder of Advanced Pain Management and Rehab, was immediately on-board with the idea.

“By offering a lecture series, we can save our patients and community members the time and effort it takes to research health topics related to managing their pain,” said Dr. Dinger. “We want each lecture to be a one-stop place for targeted information that can really help them take a well-rounded approach to feeling better.”

APMR’s Free Lecture Series will go beyond nutrition. Future lectures will feature experts in Physical Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Chiropractics, Acupuncture and Tai Chi, among others.  Dates and additional information are posted on Advanced Pain Management’s Facebook page and website.  Garcia and Dr. Dinger welcome all to the free lecture series and look forward to seeing you at their Schertz location, soon.



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